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Our Services and System

Our Health and Safety Management System ensures business owners are compliant with the new Health and Safety Law effective April 2016, (HSWA – The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015).
Our system is structured around an internationally accepted standard Worksafe Warranty 2023: a user friendly and more cost-effective solution for small to medium sized businesses.

The system is:

  • user friendly
  • easy to understand and manage
  • outcome focused
  • less bureaucracy
  • excellent fee structure
  • New Zealand owned standard

The System contains the critical policies and operating procedures required for the business owner to achieve and maintain legal compliance to HSWA (at all times.)

We provide the option of formal annual assessment and certification to the WorkSafe 2023 Warranty Health & Safety Management Standard.

Certification basically requires the business to monitor and manage its hazards that may result in harm to its employees. By controlling risks and creating improvements, not only will the business be protecting its employees but will also bring bottom line benefits to the performance of the company. There is also the added advantage that the standard requires the company to be aware of all the legislative requirements that are relevant to its operations and therefore the potential for legal non-compliances, and any subsequent court costs or fines, is likewise minimized.

System Outcome

The key benefits of the Astute Health and Safety management system are generally:

  • Managed Risk
  • Reduce injuries & work related illness
  • Increased employee communication and “buy in”
  • Reduction in absence
  • Continuous improvement
  • Greater control over processes and internal systems
  • Reducing the hidden costs of workplace accidents and incident
  • Industry best practice
  • Happier staff, contractors and customers
  • Demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment

Our Process

Five very typical simple steps – 1. A Phone Call to Determine Your Needs and to Discuss Our Affordable Fees. 2. A Visit To Your Workplace at Our Cost 3. Discussion with the Business Owner/s or Representative/s 4. Provide Our Proposal/Quote 5. Get Started.

During our initial discussions, we explain the importance of Health and Safety compliance by taking our prospective clients through the most important features of The Act (HSWA 2015). We also explain what is required to achieve and maintain compliance.

Once appointed, we get started on developing a health and safety plan for the clients’ business. There are three steps in which we guide our clients:


Identify risks and hazards in your business.


Develop a health and safety plan.


Make your plan part of your day-to-day business.

The three steps are a cycle, so once the plan is in place our clients are ready to review it regularly or when something goes wrong.

Typically our process involves a simple but thorough risk assessment of the business premises and customer work type. We review our findings with the business owner then develop the Health and Safety Management Plan and System for the business.

As employee participation and engagement is now mandatory under the Act, the H&S plan and management systems are developed in consultation with both the business owner and employees.

Compliance creates a safe and healthy working environment.

Our service includes the training of employees with regard to discussing any hazards and/or hazardous substances found, the control measures required to prevent illness and injury, access to first aid, use of equipment, communication and reporting. We also explain their role and responsibilities with regard to health and safety at work.

Quarterly Health and Safety meetings with the business owner and employees are highly recommended. For a small additional fee, we will attend each meeting to observe the process and to see how the Health and Safety system is doing. Following the meeting, we will review the H&S System for the business owner and provide a written report of our findings.

Our Fees and Charges

We charge a low-cost one time fee for the hazard assessment of your business, the supply and implementation of your new Health and Safety Management System and the training of the business owner and employees.

Our optional but highly recommended ‘System Maintenance and Support’ fee is a LOW COST quarterly charge to enable Astute H&S to attend your health & safety meetings and review the progress of the health and safety system.

Ongoing email and telephone support is complimentary – NO charge.

Health and Safety Management System

  • No hidden extras or contracts.
  • 1 off payment
  • Customer premises risk assessment.
  • Detailed Report on our findings with recommendations.
  • Implementation of the health and safety plan and management system.
  • Business owner and employee training.

Optional H&S System Maintenance

  • Ongoing (per quarter)
  • Includes attending a quarterly H&S Meeting with the business owner and employees.
  • A quarterly review of your health and safety system.

H&S Management Systems

Hazards and Risk Management

Investigations and Legal Referral

External Audit Preparation

Other Products & Services

We can also assist our clients with

  • Pre-Job start risk assessment procedure for employees who work away from the main office
  • Urgent support for assistance with Incidents, Accidents or other serious events
  • Health & Safety Committees
  • Security Camera Systems*
  • Incident and Accidents Forms
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Hazard Registers
  • System Audits and Certification
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Worksafe New Zealand support
  • Smart Phone Apps

*Security camera surveillance within the workplace is highly recommended for evidentary purposes. Video footage of an incident is helpful to support an investigation, and employees feel more secure knowing camera surveillance is in place.
We would be pleased to demonstrate our range of high resolution security cameras.

Ensure your business is compliant. Compliance is mandatory. We can help you.

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